Keynote Speaker for Leadership, Luxury and Relational Intelligence.

"With my clients, it's always a long-term relationship."


Testimonial Luxury Leadership Emotional Intelligence Breguet

Emmanuel Breguet

Brand Manager Breguet - Switzerland

Michaela is an extremely talented public speaker and fantastic academic director. I’ve had the chance to work with her on multiple occasions about Brands & Luxury and I’ve always been impressed by her capability to share her knowledge and entertain an audience. In addition to all that she is a thoughtful and fun professional. It’s always a pleasure to work with her.
Testimonial Luxury Leadership Emotional Intelligence Champagne Lanson

François Van Aal

Chairman at Champagne Lanson, France

Michaela offers excellence in both form and content. She sends positivism, a breath of oxygen, pragmatic, simple and actionable advice. She does a lot of good, so you can leave feeling refreshed and inspired.
Testimonial Luxury Leadership Emotional Intelligence Jimmy choo

Jaime Wynn

North America Director, Jimmy Choo

An exceptional moment! Thank you for finding time in your busy schedule to lead the conference and workshop on the High-Expactation Clients. We left feeling recharged, empowered and motivated to meet the challenges of 2023. You’ve given us your energy and your passion – you’re a rare gem!
Testimonial UBS Luxury Leadership Emotional Intelligence

Isabelle Guida

Operating Head UBS Wealth Management CH; Member of the Executive Board UBS, Switzerland

Michaela was the keynote speaker at our last virtual senior management conference. Her keynote about Digital Sales was not only very relevant, filled with practical examples and tips, but also incredibly engaging – despite being on camera “only” and without an immediate audience response. Her insights on client and sales excellence were to the point and highly valuable, the depth of her research and past experiences came through, and her presentation style was super energetic and passionate. Thank you, Michaela, for making the keynote a highlight!
Testimonial Luxury Leadership Emotional Intelligence Shiseido Travel Retail

Elisabeth Jouguelet

VP Marketing & Innovation – Shiseido Travel Retail.

Your keynote on the Olympic spirit was simply spectacular. The boundless energy and optimism you displayed from the stage was unparalleled and utterly infectious. The ideas and relevance of your concepts on the Olympic spirit were clearly based on in-depth expertise, and the quality of the experts who contributed was palpable. The golden tips shared during the workshop and Q&A sessions are ideas we look forward to integrating into our brand strategy and vision. Thank you, Michaela, for an enriching experience!
Testimonial-Jaeger-Le-Coultre Testimonial-Anne-Schaal Luxury Leadership Emotional Intelligence

Anne Schaal

Brand Director Switzerland, Jaeger-LeCoultre

Michaela Merk’s Brand Ambassadors keynote inspired me and my sales teams to come up with new ideas to leave the best possible impression on our customers. The engaging way in which she presented her talk was very refreshing, and the countless examples drawn from a variety of luxury brands were really very informative.

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