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The Power of Relational Intelligence in Business.

Elevate Customer Experience - Team Performance - Leadership Excellence inspired by the strength of human connections and the successful luxury world.

Dr. Michaela Merk (CSP), Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Coach.

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Michaela Merk CSP Speaker

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Michaela Merk is an award-winning speaker, author, coach, and expert in relational and emotional intelligence. She elevates teams through highly energizing and interactive conferences and workshops, demonstrating how the power of relational intelligence enhances customer experience, team performance, and leadership excellence, particularly during times of transformation.

She has inspired audiences across various industries, including prestigious companies like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, and Tiffany & Co., in over 30 countries, delivering her talks in English, French, and German. Michaela is the only public speaker in France to hold both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Global Speaking Fellow (GSF) distinctions. She has delivered TEDx talks, written for top journals like Forbes, and been interviewed by the Financial Times.

Originally from Germany, Michaela has lived in Paris for over 25 years, gaining deep experience in the premium and luxury sector. She has held senior management positions, including Marketing Director at L'Oréal, Retail Director at Marionnaud, and General Manager at Estée Lauder. As a leadership coach with the French Management Association (APM), she connects with over 6500 managing directors globally, sharing insights on effective management and innovation.

Michaela is also a board member in premium companies like Group Champagne Lanson BCC. Academically, she holds a PhD in Marketing from Sorbonne and HEC, serves as Professor of Marketing and Director of the MSc Sustainable Luxury Management at Audencia Business School, and has authored numerous articles and books, including "Luxury Salesforce Management" (Palgrave McMillan). Additionally, she hosts the thriving podcast and videocast "Luxury Leadership Talks" on all major platforms and YouTube.

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Michaela inspires audiences across the globe as a keynote speaker and trainer for leading firms across all industry sectors in English, German and French.


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Enjoy exclusive conversations with influent luxury CEOs in her Podcast "Luxury Leadership Talks", with confessions, secrets, tips, and so much more.

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Unlock luxury leadership insights in an exclusive 30-minute coaching with Michaela, tailored to your specific questions and challenges.


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One of the most recognizable personalities in the world of Luxury and Leadership conference.



Michaela helps you rediscover
what truly drives you.

Carole charlemagne L'oréal

It was amazing, inspiring,
energizing !
I am grateful
that you managed to
reboost our clients.


Michaela inspired
my teams to think
beyond conventional

Carlo Brusamolino Thélios

What a show : interactive, funny,
full of concepts rooted in reality.
There were plenty of concrete
take aways for our clients.


Bravissimo for your Podcast !
Such a positive impact
for the Luxury Sphere.


Michaela doesn't just coach,
she unlocks your highest potential.


Your luxury insights were
extremely sharp you made
a big impression on the show .

Jean-Louis Roblot Dior

An authentic, inspiring conference
full of actionable advice
for everyday life.

MICHAELA'S conferences


Exceed your Leadership
Performance with
Relational Intelligence.


Exceed Customer Satisfaction
and Loyalty with
Relational Intelligence

& luxury

Elevate your Brand
with Luxury Power

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experience michaela on stage

With over two decades of expertise in leadership and luxury, Michaela has identified the power of relational intelligence, the art of connecting, analyzing and adapting to create lasting and meaningful relationships with all stakeholders. 

Mastering not only emotional but also relational intelligence is becoming vital at a time when companies are frequently faced with major challenges: transformations, reorganizations, crisis management, mergers, with the challenge of collaborating better together but also keeping loyal customers who are increasingly demanding.

To identify the most universal skills that make Relational Intelligence so powerful, she began conducting research in 2009, interviewing hundreds of managers and their teams in sales and service functions. She focused on customer-centric industries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA.

This research led to a PhD, which she defended in Paris in 2012, the publication of articles and books such as “Luxury Sales Force Management: Strategies for Winning over your Brand Ambassadors” (Palgrave McMillan) and the development of keynotes and training courses based on relational intelligence.

At the heart of these skills are the 5 rings of Relational Intelligence, the most universal skills for strengthening relationships between human beings:

  • Demonstrating empathy
  • Building trust
  • Sharing passion
  • Generating gratitude
  • Knowing how to stimulate


Each ring consists of numerous sub-skills, enabling managers to better connect with their teams, salespeople to better retain their customers, and employees to work better together. 

While emotional intelligence allows to identify and analyze our own emotional state, Relational Intelligence goes a step further and measures our ability of establishing strong relationships with our environment. 

The concept’s ultimate goal: The employee or salesperson becomes an ambassador for his or her company and its products, and succeeds in turning customers into ambassadors thanks to a perfect mastery of Relational Intelligence.

The concept of Relational Intelligence lies at the heart of all successful leadership and customer loyalty. It is the basis for generating employee and customer experience.

When Michaela takes the stage, the first thing that captivates the audience is her boundless energy, filling the room within moments of her arrival. This vitality is not only palpable but infectious, as she seamlessly connects with her audience throughout her speech. Michaela’s keynotes are a tapestry of interaction, each thread woven with the intention of joyfully anchoring the content.

She doesn’t just command the stage; she commands the attention and presence of every individual in the room, regardless of their proximity to the platform. With a wealth of expertise drawn from her own leadership and luxury background, coupled with a passion for imparting knowledge, Michaela elevates her presentations with insights gleaned from her research as a respected professor in prestigious business schools.

A former competitive gymnast, Michaela infuses her key messages with artistic flair, rendering her presentations both unique and unforgettable. Moreover, her extensive professional tenure, spanning over two decades and marked by close collaboration with the most esteemed luxury houses across various sectors, equips her with a plethora of compelling examples to illustrate her points.

Years may pass, but Michaela’s impact endures. She dares to stand out, ensuring that her audience’s encounter with her remains etched in their memory long after the curtains fall.

Further characteristics:

  • Michaela is perfectly trilingual and proposes keynotes in English, French and German 
  • The average length of one keynote is between 45 minutes and 1h30
  • She presents in front of audiences of 50 up to 2500 people
  • Thanks to her very international background she delivers keynotes across the world
  • Michaela’s speeches are always adapted to her client’s needs, the event, the audience, the industry able to build the bridge between her own cases and research and the reality of the companies that invite her. 




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